The Kingdom Hearts trailer isn’t all that Square Enix brought to the Jump Fiesta event; there was also one little trailer to show off some more characters and features that’ll appear for their upcoming spin off game World of Final Fantasy. World of Final Fantasy was announced back in E3 2015 and showcased a blend between the regular standard definition of characters and ‘chibi’ style. The game is meant to appeal to the younger audience and introduce them to the styles of old Final Fantasy games.

So far, the game looks like it will pull both enemies and characters from various Final Fantasy games within the franchise. In all footage of the game so far, the various characters from the Final Fantasy world will be in chibi form whilst some enemies will be in their standard form. The shown characters include Cloud, Lightning, Faris, Yuna and the Warrior of Light. As for gameplay, aside from traditional RPG mechanics, World of Final Fantasy will have a mechanic known as ‘stacking’ which bolsters ability capabilities for both the character and their allies based upon various factors including what form they’re in during battle.

World of Final Fantasy is slated for a release sometime in 2016. It had been announced that the game will be both on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

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