Video games often bring out the child in gamers, taking them away to world of sci-fi or fantasy and making them the hero. Another great childhood memory is playing with your favorite action figures. Sometimes these two combine and make something truly awesome, and in this case, it’s with Contra.

NECA has made a two figure bundle that has Bill and Lance from Contra, painted in a way to look like their old pixelated selves. These 7-inch figures also come with a power up capsule that sits on top of a clear stand, helping give the illusion that it is floating, like in the game. Another game illusion comes in the form of gun attachments that show the weapons shooting rapid and spread.

Perhaps the most nostalgic part of it all is the box they come in, which has the original Contra NES cover. Any fan of the game or the series will remember it well. Looks like it’s time to call your buddy and get some 2 player action going one more time.


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