After the slew of backlash over the pre-order bonus DLC with Total War: Warhammer, Creative Assembly has discussed how disheartening it was to see such a reaction.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Rich Aldridge, Games Designer for Total War: Warhammer, discussed the backlash. When asked about whether Creative Assembly was surprised at the backlash:

“Yes and no. I think some people are always going to want to voice their opinion and be heard, and sadly that tends to be more negative than positive. They’re a very important race and they do feature in the game. What we’ve decided to do is that we’ve added additional content and then made them playable. We didn’t want to disappoint people. We actually thought by adding more content, that would make it an exciting pre-order proposition for them. But certainly all of the criticism that we’ve taken and the comments that have been made, we have been absorbing and taking on board for future products.”

Later on in the interview, Aldridge discusses how the Chaos Warrior race will be available for everyone as a DLC purchase, but how ordering now allows players to get the 5th race without having to spend the money for it.

“So is adding Chaos as a pre-order incentive ‘cut content’? I think the opposite is true. If we didn’t add it to the pre-order, it would have been DLC later on and not in the game at release.”

Total War: Warhammer is part of a trilogy of games that Creative Assembly plans on releasing, as well as two DLC’s for Warhammer. The game is to release sometime in 2016.

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