Bungie announced through the Bungie Weekly update that the 2.1.0 Destiny update will be coming to the game next week. While, Bungie did not release full patch notes yet, they did hint at some of the changes that are coming to Destiny.

“Our current plan is to deploy the latest packages to you as soon as next week,” Deej said in the Bungie Weekly Update, “The thing about plans is that they can change, so the exact day is up to the smart people who get to push the big red button.”

Bungie has given some small details of what is to come in the December update. Some of those changes are to every Titan subclass.


“While we’re making some adjustments to Sunbreakers in Update 2.1.0, we won’t be leaving Strikers and Defenders out in the cold this winter,” Deej wrote.

A detailed preview of the changes coming to Titans will be available tomorrow, December 4. Senior Design Leader Sage Merrill will be giving the details on the Titan updates. The full patch notes for update 2.1.0 will be available early next week along with the update itself.

Along with the Titan changes comes a large amount of weapon rebalancing, new Exotics, and more year one Exotics will be brought forward. The Eververse microtransaction store from Tess will also get a refresh from the upcoming uptate.

You can read the full Bungie Weekly Update here.

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