Destiny has added a new brand of paid microtransactions, which allow the player to immediately boost a new character to level 25, for the premium fee of $30/£25.

A UK PlayStation Store listing, found first by Eurogamer, revealed that players can purchase any number of level boost microtransactions for the three character classes in the game, these being the Hunter, Titan and Warlock. We first saw this back when the Taken King expansion originally launched in September for Destiny, where players were given a single use item to get any character to level 25. With this new microtransaction scheme, you can now do this any time you please.

However the level 25 that the boost gets characters to is well below the maximum level 40, and slightly below the recommended level that players start the Taken King on, so players won’t hit their ceiling after purchasing this boost.

Previously, Destiny microtransactions (which mainly focused on emotes for the player) were said to be performing incredibly well, with one analyst believing that paid microtransactions for the game alone could generate “hundreds of millions” every year.

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