Bungie revealed that Sparrow Racing will be coming to Destiny: The Taken King.

Announced during PlayStation Experience, this latest update brings the Sparrow Racing League to Destiny. This multiplayer mode focuses on racing around courses using the game’s eponymous landspeeder-esque bike the Sparrow.

Anyone who owns The Taken King can participate. The Sparrow Racing League begins December 8, and players can join in to earn new gear and compete against fellow Guardians over the three weeks the event will run.

You can find a highlight reel of the Sparrow Racing League from the PlayStation Experience below:

From the above video, we can see that you’ll be able to unlock exclusive armor and more Sparrow models for your Guardian, and it reveals that the tracks will feature all sorts of hazards. These can range from enemy Taken to massive obstacles and speed booster, not to mention the other racers.

Destiny The Taken King is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The Sparrow Racing League update will launch December 8 for three weeks of racing action.

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