Despite not garnering a massively positive reception from critics, Wii U game Devil’s Third is somehow carrying a high price on Ebay. Multiple customers on the site have been seen to be spending up to $100 and over for the game.

According to Game Informer one buyer had shelled out $180 for the title despite being able to digitally purchase the game for $59.99. This may due to the lack of physical copies of the game in stores, as Devil’s Third is currently sold out at GameStop and Best Buy.

The recent Ebay listings show that the title is still holding its premium price. Recent copies of the game are priced at a staggering $150 with one copy managing to be sold for $120.

Nintendo have allegedly been trying to distance themselves from the recent Wii U exclusive. This can be seen in the way the company haven’t seemed to produce many physical versions of the game and seemingly be refusing to advertise it.


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