Sony have announced that eight PS2 titles will be making their way to PS4 on December 5th. This news suprisingly comes in just before Sony’s PlayStation experience keynote but it seems Sony could’t wait to reveal this exciting news.

Each of these games will include a shiny 1080p upgrade and come with a brand new trophy set. Referring to the new trophies PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida has said that they were “developed in conjunction with feedback from the original creators to be sure that they capture the spirit and feeling of each game.” Not only this but these eight games will also contain support for multiple PS4 features such as remote play, share play, live broadcast, activity feeds and second screen support for game manuals.

The eight games you will be able to purchase are..

Twisted Metal: Black – $9.99

War of the Monsters – $9.99

The Mark of Kri -$14.99

Rogue Galaxy – $14.99

Dark Cloud – $14.99

Grand Theft Auto III – $14.99

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – $14.99

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – $14.99

Though fans must be aware that this is not exactly backwards compatibility, if you own the PS2 disc you will be required to buy the game again for PS4.

Yoshida has also said that Sony will be working “tirelessly” in order to bring more classic titles over to the PS4. He didn’t mention any names specifically apart from PaRappa the Rapper 2 and The King Of Fighters 2000.

PlayStation experience will be running through December 5th to 6th and we’ll be sure to update you with any incoming news.

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