At the PlayStation Experience 2015, there were a tonne of announcements, and this one is just as big. Capping off the final roster for the base Street Fighter V game, F.A.N.G has been revealed. F.A.N.G adds to the Bison-run organization Shadaloo with his eccentric fighting style. His unhealthy loyalty and obsession with the number 2 lands him the self-proclaimed role as the second-in-command of the terrifying organization.

When F.A.N.G isn’t doing experiments in the research labs, he’s out and about as a deadly assassin. As an brand new character, he brings about a brand new mechanic: Poison. As the name suggests, his poison ticks down opponent health for its duration or until the opponent’s life is drained. F.A.N.G’s slender body helps him to weave in and around the opponent with superior long range.

As with the other characters, F.A.N.G has V-Skills and V-Triggers that adds to his unique style. His V-Skill, Nishodoku makes him throw out a slow poison-laced projectile that is easy to dodge on its own. If it does hit however, it will deal slow decay damage that turns both the enemy and his life bar purple. F.A.N.G’s V-Trigger is called Dokunomu which allows him to secret poisonous gas clouds around his body, allowing him to poison enemies whenever they’re simply near him.


Finally, at the end of the trailer, all of the teased post-launch characters have been revealed. All the guesses have been spot on, so the team has gone out and confirmed it all. After the release of Street Fighter V on February 16th; Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urien will become available to either buy with the season pass or through in-game currency. It’s also been reconfirmed how the in-game currency will work on the Capcom unity blog: You can obtain ‘Fight Money’ from simply playing the game or purchase ‘Zenny’ for a premium price. These forms of in-game currency will be used to not only purchase characters, but skins and other bits of content that Capcom is planning to put out for the game following its launch.

Street Fighter V is slated for release on February 16th on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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