Fallout 4 Buzz Lightyear Mod: 'Falling(Out) with style'

Fallout 4 mods have already started to get weird thanks to Nexus user Trashlizard. Who has released a mod that redesigns The Brotherhood of Steel member, Paladin Danse’s power armour to look like Buzz Lightyear’s iconic spacesuit.

The mod in question can be found here. You will however need to configure some .ini files to mod Fallout 4 at the present time. A guide to which has helpfully been created by Youtuber and creator of the immersive hud mod for SkyrimGopher.

With the official modding tools not even released, I’m beginning to wonder just how weird mods for Fallout 4 can get. What will we see next? A Woody Nick Valentine? A terminator overhaul for synths with movie quotes and all? A Terminator AND Woody crossover Nick Valentine? Who knows?

Regardless, I still don’t think anything will ever quite top the Randy Savage dragon mod for Skyrim… Except maybe a John Cena Behemoth mod. Make it happen internet.

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