Fallout has always been a game series dripping with secrets. Ranging from pop culture references such as the TARDIS encounter in the original Fallout, and references to the developers themselves. For example, the gang named after four of the original Fallout’s developers at the back of the Boneyard.

Fallout 4 is no exception to the rule. Anybody who has played Fallout 4, has likely noticed the large body of water to the east of the map. One player decided to explore this area on a whim by using power armour for radiation resistance and mirelurk cakes for underwater breathing. What they discovered was not only an abundance of underwater flora but also a rusted structure that appeared to be some kind of water filtration system.

fallout 4

It’s worth noting that other players that have forayed into the files of the game also found a harpoon gun that wasn’t used in game. The gun in question had a completed animation in which bubbles would appear when fired. Perhaps these two discoveries are connected and could be the leftovers of unrealised game mechanics? Or they could even be the basis for a future DLC? We’ll have to wait for official word from Bethesda to know for sure. Although if they’re not careful the modders might beat them to it.

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