Yeah before you click, Barret does look like Wesley Snipe. His reveal plus several other members of Avalanche marks the start of your adventures in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. The trailer shows off a small portion of the beginning bombing mission in various scenes. The trailer also shows off not only cutscenes, but field exploration and combat.

The combat is the biggest point of contention among fans. There are the purists who demand the gameplay remain turn based while the other flipped coin seeks a more active combat system. Unfortunately for purists, the coin has flipped the other end and the combat will be active. The best point of reference would be Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy XV. You’ll be controlling any member of your party to take down the enemy forces in a combat zone. Along with all the graphical updates, all the moves are looking extremely spectacular.

I’m certain Square’s taking the proper precaution to give the game its due respect. The remake is looking exciting, Jesse is a bad ass and Midgar is exactly how I pictured it. Though, one thing I hope is Cloud not falling into the brooding character they’ve made him out to be in non-Final Fantasy VII games. He was such a sarcastic chump.

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