Fire Emblem Fates has been released in Japan for a while, and has a few months to go before it makes its way to the rest of the world. But that isn’t stopping Nintendo from adding something from the new strategy RPG to Smash Bros.

Today’s Nintendo Direct began immediately with the character reveal trailer for Corrin, the player character for Fire Emblem Fates. If it weren’t for the fact the video played on a Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros., it looked like another standard trailer for Intelligent Systems’ series, then the Smash Bros footage rolled, revealing that the hero of a game we here in the US haven’t even played yet would be in the mascot brawler.

There has been some hand-wringing as to him being another one of Smash’s numerous sword users but his moveset does look fascinating. On top of the long reach of his Dragon Fang spear, it looks like Corrin will also be able to change his body into a dragon, as seen with his charge smash attacks. There are similarities between him and other Fire Emblem characters, no real ranged attacks, he has a counter-attack, and like Robin there is both a male and female version of the character.

Since there is no additional stage, it can be safely assumed that Corrin will be sold for $4.99 for Wii U or 3DS or both versions bundled at $5.99 when he becomes available some time in February 2016.

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