Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital recently revealed total sales for the popular racing game series. According to the developer’s website, the series has sold 76.49 million units as of September 2015. The website states “With sales totaling 76.49 million copies worldwide, Gran Turismo has become an international sensation, with strong followings in Europe and North America in particular. It burst onto the video game scene in 1997, steadily evolving alongside the PlayStation® console, and continues to promote the enjoyment of driving to people of all ages all over the world.”

Spanning ten titles and four consoles since 1997, Gran Turismo has become a staple for PlayStation owners with certain entries receiving more popularity than others. Worldwide, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec sold the most copies with a total of 14.89 million units. Other titles which sold well on the international market and round off the top five best selling Gran Turismo titles include Gran Turismo 5 at 11.94 million, Gran Turismo at 11.76 million, Gran Turismo at 10.85 million, and Gran Turismo 2 at 9.37 million units.

For a more in depth break down of the Gran Turismo series, make sure to check out Polyphony Digital’s official website. This includes total sales for each entry’s sales across the Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia regions.

Gran Turismo Sport, the newest entry in the racing series, will launch for the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

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