In a blog post concerning the January update for Rock Band 4, Harmonix has announced plans to wipe and reset online leaderboards for the game.

The move is the in response to an exploit that allowed players to earn double points under some circumstances. Harmonix goes on to state that the reset is necessary, in order to fix the exploit and update the game’s code so that future bugs can be repaired without taking the drastic measure of wiping the entire game’s leaderboard.

In defense of the move, Harmonix wrote:

We know that many of you have worked hard to climb the leaderboards, and that wiping your scores sucks. That said, these changes will ensure that in the future, you won’t be unseated from the top spot by someone using an exploit. And if we do discover an issue down the road, we can address it much more quickly and easily.

The update will effect online leaderboards only. Local score tallies, song libraries, and star ratings. will remain unchanged.

Good luck repeating those high scores guys...

Good luck repeating those high scores guys…

Finally, in addition to the unfortunate news of the score reset Harmonix announced the inclusion of score tracking to the “Play a Show” mode and teased new clothing options saying:

Oh, and next month, following on the success of our partnership with Bethesda and the Fallout 4 Vault Suit we added to the Rock Shop, we’re teaming up with another amazing studio for a set of tie-in clothing assets that we’re pretty sure you’ll be psyched about.


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