Hideo Kojima has been in the spotlight recently after departing from Konami and controversially being prevented from attending the VGAs this year.

However with news of his newly formed company, Kojima Productions, many are intrigued as to what Kojima aspires to create and produce with his new partner Sony.

Kojima talked with IGN in an interview where he talked broadly about his goals stating “I want to create something that’s what people expect, but at the same time will have something new that people haven’t seen before.”

On reflection of his Metal Gear Solid series, Kojima discussed of how he wanted to “go beyond” what he did with Konami and also stated how he wanted to created characters which are “more recognizable” and “more beloved.”

Metal Gear Solid art director Yoji Shinkawa will be joining Kojima in his new journey as the team look towards creating “smaller scale” games for now – his aspirations for the company go as far as “movies and videos” on popular titles and also possibly experimenting with VR.

With their new found sense of freedom, Kojima believes their titles will be “more edgy, preserving the quality we’ve had so far, while at the same time finding new challenges and exploring new areas.” They are also looking towards developing their first IP for the PS4, as well as PC at a later date.

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