Yoidi Wada, a former executive at Square Enix, has had some searing words against the current Konami leadership and the way their situation with Kojima has been handled. Their story has been akin to that of a middle school relationship. First they broke up, then they didn’t, and now Kojima’s on some sort of “extended leave.” For all we know, tomorrow Kojima will be working on the next Metal Gear Solid title with nothing changed.

After the disheartening news that Kojima did not show up to The Game Awards due to Konami’s lawyers, former executive Yoidi Wada wrote a Facebook post that was translated by Kotaku. “However you think about this, this is a negative for business,” he stated

“As I know Mr. Kojima, I want to say, ‘I can’t believe this cruel treatment!’ But, here I’m going to give my thoughts as a corporate exec,”

“Maybe leaving the home console market is management’s plan, but going out of your way to make enemies with the world has no meaning. Generally, this kind of thing happens when there’s a lack of leadership. I think, perhaps, there isn’t someone in charge who is paying attention and laying out all the little details for whole enterprise.”

While Wada arguably didn’t do the most spectacular job at running Square Enix, his words Konami still hold much truth to them. What do you think about Yoidi Wada’s statement about Kojima? Sound off in the comments!

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