Hont on the heels of it’s own reveal, Tripwire Interactive has released a massive update for Killing Floor 2.

The update, called The Return Of The Patriarch, has it’s biggest addition in the titular boss, the Patriarch. The Patriarch, a boss from the original Killing Floor, is back with new attacks.

The update also features two new maps, The Black Forest and Farmhouse, and The Zed-conomy and Trading Floor Store. There’s also a new character that can be unlocked for free by joining the game’s Steam group. There’s also a new pistol-centered perk called gunslinger, along with several new weapons.

Lastly the game adds updated physics along with 74 new achievements for players to unlock. The update is out and it’s free. The Killing Floor 2 is in early access with only a PC version currently, with a Playstation 4 version to come.

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