It has been rumored that Sony has sold over one million PlayStation 4’s in a single month. Following the Black Friday sales and the beginning of the holiday season, Twitter user and Sony insider Tidux has made claims of the PS4 sales record.

This news comes after Sony’s own announcement last Wednesday, where the company revealed that over 30.2 million total PS4’s have been sold worldwide. Though impressive, this still leaves a considerable gap behind the console’s predecessor the PlayStation 2, which is estimated to have sold more than a mind-blowing 155 million consoles before being discontinued.

Tidux, a usually trustworthy source on PlayStation news, has also claimed that Sony have amassed a total of over 18.5 million PS Plus subscribers following the Black Friday weekend.

Impressive as these claims are, they must be taken with a grain of salt for now, as Sony has yet to make an official announcement about their achievements this month.

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