The box, a true wonder. They have puzzled the most foolish to the greatest of minds. What secrets lie within? Square Enix has embraced this enigmatic item and wrapped a bow on it. They are also putting them on sale. For just $9.99 USD, you can have up to 5 games from the Square Enix PC catalog. This special little event started on the 8th of December and will conclude on the 17th – Just 7 days from now.

These ‘mystery boxes’ have been a holiday gift that Square Enix have been doing for the past few years. Last year, recipients got Thief, The Last Remnant, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Deus Ex – The Fall, Nosgoth Founders – Warlord Pack, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and discounts for Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

The sale promises that all of these ‘mystery gifts’ will contain over $80 worth of content. Not only that, but aside from the 5 games, there would be ‘additional store offerings’. While it’s not exactly certain what the gift box pertains, it would suggest that the 5 games will be roughly ~$15 a piece. Don’t expect great triple A titles released this year.

Still, for under 10 dollars, 5 games from the Square Enix PC catalog is by no means poor. If you have the money to burn and haven’t had a chance to pick up any of the games from the Square Enix library of PC titles, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. Possibly some Hitman? Tomb Raider? Deus Ex? Who knows. We’ll have to wait until the 18th of December to find out what exactly hides in these gifts.

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