DICE has released a brand new patch for Star Wars Battlefront across all platforms as of yesterday, which aims to provide a few balances and tweaks to the game.

Released yesterday along with the Battle of Jakku expansion, the patch notes for the update are as follows:

  • General bug fixes for for vehicles and physics improvements.
  • Game modes balancing tweaks.
  • HUD UI adjustments.
  • Audio optimisation.
  • General crash and stability fixes.
  • Online traffic performance improvements.
  • Various text fixes for all languages.
  • General bug fixes for both Mission and Multiplayer.
  • Legacy Controls should now work as intended.

Posted on the official Battlefront website, the patch notes aren’t very specific, as we have absolutely no idea what these “general bug fixes” actually are. However Eurogamer has reported that the update has weakened the damage output of the DL-44 blaster and has reduced the effectiveness of the Barrage star card.

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