Telltale Games, creators of The Walking Dead adaptation, are making a Batman adventure game. The announcement came at the 2015 Game Awards.

Following on from this years release of “Minecraft: Story Mode”, Telltale Games have announced a adaptation of the world’s greatest detective will be coming out next year. Presumably the game will follow the same adventure-RPG style as seen in their “The Walking Dead” and “Tales from the Borderlands” adaptations.

According to GameSpot, (who were attending this year’s Game Awards) the trailer shown depicted the Dark Knight in a black-and-white graphic novel style world. Though the official trailer has yet to be released, an announcement has be made on the Telltale Games official website, saying to expect it later this week.

Other than announcing the game’s existence, no other details have been released so far, so fans are free to speculate as to if and how the adaptation will link to the DC Cinematic Universe, or the Arkham series.

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