The multiplayer beta for Naughty Dog’s upcoming game, Uncharted 4, is now live. In order to access the beta you must be a Playstation Plus user and own a copy of Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection (must have save data from the game on your PS4). The beta is 7 GB and can be downloaded by clicking on the game icon on the PS4 dashboard, selecting Overview, and then choosing the beta tile.

The Uncharted 4 beta will last until December 13th. None of the progress will be transferred to the full version of the game, though. There are two maps available to play in the beta in a team deathmatch mode. For more information of the new elements in the beta go to the PlayStation Blog.

Currently, the beta is going through some issues with matchmaking. Naughty Dog stated, “We’re aware of the matchmaking issue / error messages. We’re looking into it now and will update ASAP.” The full Uncharted 4 game will release March 18, 2016 for the PS4. Stay tuned to Gamespresso any updates as they are released.

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