The PlayStation experience is happening this weekend (December 5-6) and it looks like a few of the panels are dedicated more towards those interested in development.

On December 5th, 4PM PT / 7PM EST at the Moscone West Hall on the third floor(via GameSpot), you can check out a panel by Treyarch called “Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Unlocking the Potential of AI”. Members of the Treyarch development team will be coming out to speak on the fundamentals of Artifical Intelligence, and how it could change the future of gaming.

A PlayStation blog post by Scott Lowe talks more in depth about what the panel will focus on. “In order to build Call of Duty Black Ops 3’s four-player cooperative campaign, the team at Treyarch had to completely overhaul its A.I. technology and rethink how it influences combat, storytelling, and level design, all the while maintaining the cinematic immersion that the series is known for.”

The panel will have Scott Lowe, Gary Stelmack, Sumeet Jakatdar, Yanick Lebel, and Craig Houston all present for the in depth look at Black Ops 3’s Artificial Intelligence system.

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