The alpha testing stage for World of Warcraft: Legion began a little while ago with players being given chance to try out the brand new hero class, Demon Hunters.

The testing schedule is now moving on to the new areas from Legion. Stormheim and Highmountain have been opened up for alpha testers to explore. There is no non disclosure agreement so alpha players are free to stream the content and show us all what’s going on with the latest demon invasion of Azeroth.

The Halls of Valor dungeon had also been made available for testing. Every class apart from shaman is playable at the moment with high level character templates for testers to build their characters from.

So if you’re not amongst the chosen alpha testing group then be sure to head over to the popular streaming sites to check out the latest from Blizzard’s latest addition to their massively multiplayer world.

To hear the latest from the testers check out the Blizzard forum for the Legion alpha here.

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