For those of you interested in a solid horror game during the festive holiday season, Gamespresso has you down pat. This week, we’ll be giving away a Steam key of Yahtzee Croshaw’s latest game, The Consuming Shadow.

Centered around a cryptic call found by The Ministry of Occultism, it’s up to a scholar of the ministry to discover which god plans on invading Earth and destroying all of its inhabitants. Along the way, you’ll have to manage the overall time limit of three days, health, sanity, and ammunition.

Our own review of The Consuming Shadow stated that, “The Consuming Shadow, ultimately, follows along the same vein of games like This War of Mine and Spec Ops: The Line. The game’s graphics and combat twitches are well and truly outweighed by the setup of atmosphere. There’s the constant, clinging oppression to the entire game that can make even a great run feel worrisome. For all its faults, the game’s uniqueness alone truly beats out most of the negatives I have with it.”


Win a free copy of Ben ‘Yatzhee’ Croshaw’s game The Consuming Shadow

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