Beyond Good & Evil has always been on the minds of fans since its release back in the day; it was an astounding day when a sequel was being made. Since then however, the waters have gone cold as no word on production has met the surface. It’s no wonder hearing Michael Ancel casually drop the fact Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still on the table as he, and the rest of the team at Ubisoft are still scrambling around to create the legendary game.

The below video where he mentions this as well as other interesting facts about Beyond Good & Evil is a show hosted by Tim Schafer from Double Fine that brings in developers to talk about their games or games they love and discusses game development, story and the processes following it. An interesting watch for not only in relation to Ubisoft and the Beyond Good & Evil series, but many other development teams like Ted Price from Insomniac Games.

The journey towards Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been filled with anxiety and fear as fans sit in the dark awaiting the sequel since its 2008 reveal. In 2014, the game was still mentioned to be in production and was accompanied by concept art and some raw video footage of the protagonist, Jade, and various other characters. No full announcement with a release date yet, but it’s always nice to hear some form of confirmation of development.

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