While Black Desert Online; the western-ported Korean MMO is not out in North America or Europe yet, the development team working on the western release Daum Games has put out a character creation tool to get players ready to jump right into the game. Since it’s inception in Korea, Black Desert Online has been praised for its incredibly detailed character creation tools. With a plethora of different features to change, the character creation has a huge amount of customization that even allows some creative fans to recreate actor faces to an uncanny degree!

After you spent countless hours creating your perfect character, you can save the preset character and have it ready for the game’s full release or upcoming beta. Speaking of beta; the second closed beta wave starts from February 18th. In order to snag a copy of the game to play during the closed beta, you’ll have to shell out at least $50 for the ‘Explorer’s’ pack or $100 for the ‘Conquerer’s’ pack.

Character creation has been a sort of meta game for many of these ‘create your protagonist’ sorts of games. For a game to be considered in the higher echelon because of its detail speaks volumes of the level of depth a team would go for its game. So much so that there’s a competition going on by the company. The winners will be the people who can create the best-looking character and the worst-looking character. For the details on the competition and the game, check here!

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