For early adopters of the Oculus Rift, you might be a little more then disappointed in the company’s stance as of late.

After the pre-orders went live, the $599 price tag was sticker shock for most interested in purchasing the device. The Oculus Rift, however, has no plans on dropping in price. The co-founder’s response?

“Your crappy PC is the biggest barrier to adoption, which is why we are working with all the major hardware vendors to optimize for VR – if “normal” PCs get good enough to run VR, then the majority of people will be able to buy a relatively cheap headset and just use whatever computer they already own to drive it”

On top of that, Palmer Luckey has said that the PlayStation 4 isn’t high end enough to run the equipment. As far as PR goes, Luckey appears to be alienating a large portion of console gamers. Not because they aren’t developing for the consoles, but the type of language he uses.

On his recent Reddit AMA, Luckey said he “ascended” to PCs. Might be time to pick up a PR person.

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