After the trailer for the new Detective Pikachu game aired just a few days ago, a petition to have Danny DeVito voice what would be an English speaking Pikachu has exploded with votes.  We’re not sure what this Pikachu gave up to achieve the ability of speech, though. The only other record of that is Meowth giving up the move “payday” in order to talk, apparently with a Brooklyn accent. But whatever reason it was, this game turns Pikachu’s use as the Pokemon’s intended purpose of competitive combat, into that of the criminal investigation variety.

The craze started when Youtube user Tealhollow1 created a fan-trailer, splicing DeVito’s lines from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Batman Returns over clips of the Japanese trailer.

The petition that has reached over 30,000 signatures states, “There are a number of us that feel as though Danny DeVito would be a prime fit for the voice acting role of the Detective Pikachu. We want to make this happen.”

DeVito has been nominated for an Oscar, six Golden Gloves (one of which he won: Best Actor in a Supporting Role), and five Emmy awards (one of which he won: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Variety or Music Series)

You can go to to sign the petition, currently nearing 40,000 signatures!

Watch the hilarious fan-trailer below.

Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo is set to be released on 3DS for Japan only.  But perhaps with enough noise from the internet fans, it will make its way over to the States soon.

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