Releasing early last year, Dying Light seemed to come out of nowhere for some gamers, delivering a fun, open-world free-running zombie game no one knew they wanted. And now developer Techland is following it up with an expansion, “The Following.” Though we’ve known about the DLC for some time, this is another solid, moody look the all-new story.

Taking place after the events of the original game, “The Following” centers on a prophecy of a man that, “through an act of ultimate sacrifice, shall accept the mercy of the light.”

Going for a radically different tone than the core game, “The Following” will not only have a new map as big as the original game, but also will give you access to drivable vehicles. The DLC is set to release February 9th for $20, and is included in the game’s season pass and enhanced edition.

If you just can’t wait for more, Techland has previously released a full fifteen minutes of gameplay from the upcoming expansion. Will you be picking up “The Following,” or have you moved on to different open worlds? Let us know in the comments.

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