If you’re one of those people that have always wanted a bit of vehicular mayhem in your zombie apocalypse, you’re likely not alone, and Dying Light: The Following has you covered. In the new trailer, called “Weaponize Your Ride,” Techland shows off all the over-the-top car customization in store for players when they pick up Dying Light’s first expansion, The Following.

“Your buggy is crucial to surviving in the open,” Techland explains, “so you’d better take a good care of her. You can upgrade this four-wheeled weapon with such lethal add-ons as flamethrowers, UV headlights, ramming bars, and more. Customize it with more unique paintjobs and such distinctive accessories as bobble heads and charms. And modify it with better suspension, engine, brakes and other parts that will improve the vehicle’s performance.”

Dying Light, a free-running first-person game set in the zombie apocalypse, released early last year. The Following, its first major add-on, picks up after the core game, and looks to be packed with a creepy cult and prophecies of all things, not to mention the vehicle-aided zombie-slaughter. To get a better idea of what The Following is all about, check out the recent story trailer.

Dying Light: The Following will release February 9th, available as an individual purchase of $20 and as part of the game’s season pass. It is also included in the Dying Light Enhanced Edition. Will you be picking up The Following? Let us know in the comments.

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