At the recent British Columbia Tech Summit, EA CEO Andrew Wilson brought up comments about the public’s view that EA is a greedy corporation that doesn’t think about its consumers. The executive expressed his opinion that EA is hoping to alter that perception.

“If you understand the video game business, EA–the branding is this corporate beast that just wants to take money from them while people play our games,” Wilson said. “That’s not actually what we’re trying to do.”

The CEO mentioned titles like Battlefield, Mass Effect, and their latest EA Access program. However, things like Dungeon Keeper Mobile, or their recently revealed business plan of buying up smaller studios and ruining them, were kept out of the conversation. On EA Access:

“For the longest time in civilization, we would spend money as human beings, then we would spend time where we spent our money. That’s reversed now. You come in, and play a bunch of games, and ultimately you invest after that.”

The company has been voted “Worst Company in America” by a consumer affairs blog on multiple accounts, with most voters raising concerns about microtransactions and other poor management strategies that have affected the end-consumer product.

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