Released on the Ubisoft US YouTube channel, there’s a nice little Far Cry Primal trailer to scour for new content hidden away. In the trailer, you’ll be introduced to the main character; Takkar, a hunter from the Wenja Tribe. Under threat of the other two savage tribes, you’ll be tasked to protect and secure the prosperity of your tribe. The other two warring tribes are the cannibalistic Udam, who are led by Ull, and the Izila tribe. Fire worshippers who fall under the command of their high priestess, Batari.

After suffering from heavy loss from the various attacks, Takkar will have to unify his scattered hunting party in order to take back their homes. The game is set in a prehistoric past in which this sense of savagery is not only brutal, but common. Far Cry Primal is said to have a complete single-player package that will allow the player to get a full sense of fulfillment from the game.

Far Cry Primal is a spin-off title from the Far Cry main series and is set in 10,000 BC. It will be available to play on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 23rd and PC on March 1st.

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