Update: 343 Industries has announced that a Community Playlist will be added to Halo 5 multiplayer next month.

Not content to stop at creating awesome maps in Halo 5‘s Forge mode, some players have started combining blocks to create vehicles such as the X-Wing – and they actually fly.

As we’ve seen over the last week, the Halo 5: Guardians community has been creating incredible maps and customised game modes using the game’s robust Forge editor, with even more tools for it on the way.

Late last week, one player posted a short video of their efforts to create a working X-Wing, which was far more successful than you would think.

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According to the player, the X-Wing was created using ‘welding’ with a Banshee as the base object with various blocks attached.

In Forge, ‘welding’ is when you can selected one object – in this case the Banshee, a flying vehicle – as a pivot point. From there, you can attach other blocks and objects to the pivot point, highlight them, and well a group of them together. If done successfully, the welded objects will move around the pivot point you have set.

For a more detailed guide on vehicle welding, check out this video – for a tutorial on welding objects for scripted movement, try this one.

Another player has taken the lack of a flyable Pelican in Halo 5 a little personally, and decided instead to create their own using object welding. The results are a little glitchy, but very interesting to say the least.

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Once again using a Banshee as a pivot point, the player selected a number of other blocks to weld around it and create a rough version of the UNSC’s most iconic vehicles.

What makes it look cool is that because the objects are in the way of the third-person camera, it pushes it towards the cockpit and gives more of a first-person view to whoever is flying.

Now the next step would be to add mountable turrets to the back and create an invasion game type…

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