In a short trailer, Galactic Civilizations III makers Stardock have finally revealed their first expansion in for the game, titled ‘Mercenaries’. The expansion deals with ‘mercenary’ units who serve as ‘hero units’ in the campaign. The ‘mercenary’ system associated with the game is a brand new system that allow players to have access to potentially incredibly useful units in their army.

The way the mercenaries work is as hired units from a selected pool of characters. Upon being hired, they are no longer eligible for purchase and use by any other opponent. This adds a level of strategy as it will allow opponents to have a grasp of what to expect from the enemy with certain mercenaries. Along with this new system, there are new factions: Torians and Arceans. With them are new missions, ships and parts

The Mercenaries expansion for Galactic Civilization will be released on February 18th for PC at $20 USD.

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