Season 3 of Smite begins soon, and part of the upcoming changes include the new Japanese pantheon, Amaterasu’s reveal the 3v3 Joust map and various other new skins to be released. When it comes to the mechanics, it was discussed in a Smite: Dev Talk on YouTube that ‘Active Items’ would be renamed to ‘trinkets’ that you would unlock for free. The other overhaul is the login bonuses which will be replaced in favor of a ‘quest’ system.

As it stands, the ‘active items’ are at a statistically low purchase rate when it comes to casual/new players. Due to this, their nature and versatility aren’t explored as much. At level 1 you’ll choose one trinket until you hit level 12 where you’ll select a second to use. These trinkets will not have a tiered upgrade system like the previous ‘active items’ system. The trinkets are supposedly ‘tier 2’ or ‘tier 3’ by nature and so can very well be a buff for players from the very beginning of the game.

Along with these trinket changes, there are also some item changes and balances planned. These will heavily affect the goal for season 3 which is to define a God’s role during the game and their strengths throughout the match, including early, middle and late game. On top of these changes is a more clearer UI to cater to newcomers and casual players; such as the debuff icon to bring clarity.

The last little tidbit change mentioned was the overhaul of the ‘Daily Login Bonus’ system which will be done away in favor of a quest system. The number of quests available will depend on your Smite account level. These will reward players with favor and gem. Gems are the premium currency for Smite and are used to purchase the various skins, icons and chests. The purpose of this change is to not penalize players for missing a chain of logging in. The quests will include requirements such as ‘play a certain pantheon’ or ‘play a certain role’ for a set number of games.

As of now, the new changes is still on its way, but check out the various other Dev Talk videos for a more detailed understanding of what’s to come!

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