A couple days ago Mario Kart 64 launched on the Wii U’s virtual console, but just like the virtual version on the original Wii, there is no support for the racer’s ghost feature.

Mario Kart’s ghost feature was a mode in the Time Trials that let players not only race against their best times, but also race against a ghost version of themselves.

The original version of Mario Kart on the N64 used the Controller Pak to save the ghost data and the game would reference that data when players would race against their best times. The image above, via Miiverse’s Good Boy!, shows the game searching for a Controller Pak that’s impossible to find because it doesn’t exist.

Nintendo either didn’t have the ability to update the game or didn’t feel the necessity to put in the effort to add the feature into the emulation software. Either way it’s disappointing that the feature didn’t get into the game.

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