Microsoft’s HoloLens is a step to the future, but it certainly isn’t Virtual Reality.

The Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR will all immerse the player directly into the content. For the HoloLens, you’ll be able to play your games anywhere you want – but you won’t be trapped inside of them. With the ability to stream an app or game of your choosing onto the wall, you can take Halo 5 with you into the kitchen while you cook. (Although I’m sure that isn’t a suggested use.)

With all of that in mind, how long can you take the HoloLens around the house with you?

The answer is about 5.5 hours. or 2.5, if under ‘heavy use’. The battery life was revealed at a video event from Tel Aviv(via The Verge), and includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and connections to power the Windows 10 universal apps.

Bruce Harris was the one to share details, and went on to address specific concerns regarding the HoloLens. “Harris explains that using the HoloLens will be similar to looking at a 15-inch monitor that’s around two feet from your view. As Microsoft improves its manufacturing of the HoloLens then cost and battery life will improve, potentially resulting in an expanded field of view in future versions.”

The HoloLens will also be able to connect to others, allowing everyone to look at the same object at the same time.

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