To start off the new year right, we already have a fresh batch of games dropping in the first full week of 2016.

The highlight of the week is Amplitude, making its way to PS4 tomorrow. A reboot of the cult classic PS2 game, Amplitude, from the developer behind Rock Band, is half classic sci-fi concept album and half gorgeous, hectic light show. This is made all the better with 4-player local play.

Not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other games to keep you busy. Here’s the full list:

Shooting Stars (PC, Mac, Linux) – January 4

Amplitude (PS4) – January 5

Hardware: Rivals (PS4) – January 5

Volume (Vita) – January 5

Lovely Planet (Xbox One) – January 6

Gamers who happen to have PlayStation Plus can even look forward to Hardware: Rivals for free as part of January’s free games. Will you be picking up any of the new games this week? Let us know in the comments.

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