The Virtual Console has been an an incredible nostalgia trip to exist on the various Nintendo devices. What has made the VC so popular has been the various ’emulator’ features that have made playing old classic games a bit easier and enjoyable. These features include a ‘speed button’ and ‘save state’ and other technical touch-ups. Unfortunately, it was announced that the Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow on the Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console will not have save state features.

The save state feature allowed players to create a ‘save state’ at a certain point within the game. Then, when the player chooses to, they can return back to that point by ‘loading’ the ‘save state’. This allowed many players to make mistakes without fearing permanent alterations or to cheat the system. So goodbye to your hopes to capture that Mewtwo without a Masterball in your first 99 Ultra balls!

It was also mentioned that these games will not be able to go directly to the home screen and will need to be closed in its entirety in order to go back to the home screen. Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available worldwide on the 27th of February with Pokemon Green being available for Japanese 3DS only.

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