While it is still a young developer, Respawn Entertainment was started by Jason West and Vince Zampella from Infinity Ward and quickly made a name for itself with 2014’s blockbuster hit, Titanfall. Now it seems as though the company is looking to follow up on this success, but it’s going to need some help.

According to the job board on Gamasutra, Respawn Entertainment is hiring a Level Designer and other position for a Titanfall project and another unannounced title. The only description of this new game so far is that it is a 3rd person action/adventure game. That may not be much to work with, but just hearing something new is coming from this developer is exciting news. Especially if you’re one of the designers looking to apply.

Titanfall 2 has already been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. Now we’ll just have to wait for its completion. Apparently there will be some interviews conducted first.

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