The god-like MOBA Smite has revealed their patch notes for their upcoming third season. Along with a new map called Joust, they’ll be changing around the Daily Login bonus and the Daily Quest system.

Joust is a Chinese based map that uses a new layout and art theme, along with containing a new jungle boss unique to the map. When you kill this new boss, it disables the enemy’s towers for some time. As well, the Titans, Towers, Phoenixes, Minions, and Jungle Monsters have all been updated to the map.

As well, some gods and goddesses have received new skins. Amaterasu, Athena, Kukulkan, Sol, Ullr, and Ymir all have a new unique skin. Personally, I like the looks of Athena’s new skin the most. The snakes on the shield look pretty sick.Amaterasu Athena Kukulkan Sol Ullr Ymir

Another major change is to the daily login bonus, which is now replaced with a Daily Quest system. Players will be given two quests each day. Once a player completes a few quests, they’ll receive a Gem bonus. The quests can be completed at any time and don’t require consistent days of login to reach a maximum bonus.

There’s a gaggle more updates that are coming to Smite, and you can read all of them here on the patch notes page.

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