So Detective Pikachu is a thing.

Nintendo is finally showing us more of their Detective Pikachu game that was first discussed somewhat publicly in 2013. The game, officially called Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination, will launch only in Japan on February 3rd.

The latest trailer shows Pikachu running around solving a case in a quite Sherlock Holmes-esque manner. (and a dapper Sherlock Holmes hat, as well) He also has his own Dr. Watson, who doesn’t seem like he’s gone through grade school, let alone medical school. He’s most likely his trainer.

Unlike most Pokemon games, Pikachu seems like he has the ability to speak a human language. He also has a diverse range of facial expressions. This hints that an earlier rumor that Pikachu would be able to react to the player’s facial expressions might hold true.

Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Combination will be available for 1200 Yen for the first three weeks, then be raised to 1500 Yen. It’s not known, yet, if the game will release outside of Japan.

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