If you’re a fan of collectibles (and I definitely am), then you may be excited to know that the Square Enix merchandising division, Play Arts, will be adding another two characters to its line of action figures this April.

Halo 5 Guardians’ Master Chief and Spartan Locke will be available, a little over 12 inches in height and retailing for $125 each. Accessories haven’t been announced at this stage. In addition to these, Square Enix will be re-releasing an Anniversary Edition Master Chief.

To further the already overwhelming want for collectibles, several characters from Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain (Ocelot, Man on Fire, Tretij Rebenok, D. Dog) and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raider are also planned to become available.

While this is excellent news for any game fan or collector, my wallet has cringed at the thought of a new range of collectibles and has decided to leave me, along with my credit card for greener, more inexpensive pastures.


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