In the age of downloadable content, most games haven’t reached their full potential upon release. With this, players often try and speculate what is coming in the future. Star Wars Battlefront is no exception. Unfortunately, in this case, it has only led to possible disappointment.

It was recently speculated from a video posted by EA Brazil, that next update to Star Wars Battlefront would be a new map set on Tatooine and new costumes for Luke and Leia. When seeing this on the Internet, lead lighting artist Oscar Carlen went to Twitter to sort things out. He quickly stated that the new maps would not be coming in the next patch and could confirm this, because he is still working on them. There has been no confirmation as to the truth about the new costumes, however.

The video from EA Brazil was removed fairly quickly, but the damage was still done. Carlen was sure to say that the real next patch is great. “I don’t think you will be disappointed.” I hope for all Star Wars Battlefront fans, he is right.

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