Star Wars Battlefront developers are gearing up for an announcement, tomorrow on January 26th.  To get the fans excited, the EAStarWars Twitter posted , “Prepare for a cold front coming through… #Star WarsBattlefront tomorrow…”  This tweet captions a photo (seen above) of Harrison Ford next to Mark Hamil atop a “Tauntaun.”  The image is best known from the opening of Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.

Fans speculate that this tweet may be in regards to Battlefront’s latest update.  It’s confirmed that Tatooine will not be an available map (yet).  But the tweet heavily implies the expansion upon the infamous wasteland, Hoth, on which the Rebel Alliance temporarily made their headquarters in the fifth episode.

Star Wars Battlefront

Image from the Battle of Jakku

Battlefront’s last update back in December of 2015 contained a Battle of Jakku in honor of the franchise’s newest film, The Force Awakens.  Other previous expansions have unlocked weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards (abilities and equipment specified for different battles to complement the blasters used in default fights).  In addition to equipment,  Heroes like Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, and Villains such as Imperial Royal Guards have been included in past DLC.

Along with priced DLC expansions, as well as free content has been announced to be available in the future.  However, none the details for the free expansions has been announced yet.  Star Wars Battlefront is currently available for XBox One, PS4 and the PC.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is still playing theaters, and has been nominated for 5 Academy Awards in 2016.

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