Prima Games got in touch with Capcom in order to get a brand-spanking new strategy guide for their upcoming Street Fighter V. Well known for their work with game guides, Prima Games and Capcom have reassured fans that the guide will have all the possible frame data that an extremely hardcore Street Fighter V player will want in order to get the edge in the game.

Capcom has mentioned that when it comes to the ‘frame data’; every single move will be listed, alongside with various details including startup, active, recovery, stun frames and a whole lot more. There’s also been mentioned that the guide will have a character vs character guide for every conceivable match-up in order to go toe-to-toe with any match. Finally, there will be 16 pages of art to enjoy within the guide.

As Street Fighter V continues to evolve, Capcom has made it a point that the guide owners will also have an eGuide which will constantly update as game updates occur and new characters appear. The guide will be available for purchase on February 16th- the same day the game comes out.


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