The surprise massive hit from Nintendo, Super Mario Maker, has many unique features that players around the world have utilized to make their levels fun and exciting. One feature often taken advantage of is the variety of costumes one can put onto Mario. While these costumes include many character throughout the Nintendo universe, this latest one is actually familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom.

It seems it is finally time for the brunette Princess Daisy to find her way onto Super Mario Maker levels. This was revealed in a video from Nintendo’s official Japan YouTube account. It seems to show the Daisy costume being unlocked in a Event Course, as many of the latest ones are. You can also unlock them from the 100 Mario Challenge.

It is almost surprising that it has taken Daisy this long to join Super Mario Maker. This is especially true considering how much time she spends with the whole gang playing Golf, Tennis, and other various sports.

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