Having already been confirmed to appear in the Wii U version, Linkle, Skull Kid and the various other new additions to Hyrule Warriors Legend has now received some video footage to show off their more HD designs. Until this point, all of the new characters had gameplay footage from the 3DS version which had its obvious graphical limitations compared to the Wii U version. Now, we get to bask in the dual-crossbow wielding Hyrulian girl.

Linkle was announced in November’s Nintendo Direct as a brand new original character. Early in development she was going to be Link’s sister. This changed to her being a girl who believes she is the chosen ‘hero’. Her ‘proof’ is her antiquated compass. A compass that players can actually own if they purchase the collectors edition of Hyrule Warriors Legend. Linkle wields two crossbows with apparent infinite bolts that don’t require reloading and rapid firing. You can check out how she plays above.

The other little video is Skull Kid who uses the dark powers of the Majora Mask alongside his allies Tatl and Tael to fight. Chaotic impish fun to be had for owners of Hyrule Warriors Legends. In regards to that, there is still no word on whether or not these new characters will be a standalone DLC for the Wii U version or if it’s only redeemable on the Wii U version for 3DS version owners. Hyrule Warriors Legends is available on March 25th

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